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No matter what kind, type or size of vehicle you own or run, Black Code Re-mapping can absolutely, positively make it perform better !


No matter what you drive, how often you drive it, or what you use it for Black-Code can make your vehicle…


up to 35% More Powerful…

up to 15% More Fuel Efficient…

and More Enjoyable To Drive…


We know that these are strong statements for us to make… But, they are true, and totally provable, well documented facts, nevertheless.

Just look at our track record… Look at our testimonials from customers just like you…


And we’re so confident that our products and services deliver time after time, that we provide every customer with a 100% no quibble, cast iron, money back guarantee.


If you don’t immediately see the savings, if you can’t instantly feel the extra power or aren’t completely satisfied in any way, we will refund your investment in full !


So, If you would like to embrace possibly the most important breakthrough the automotive industry has experienced in decades…

If you’re serious about no longer wasting money unnecessarily on fuel and want to substantially improve the performance of your car.

Economy tuning

How much can I really save
tuning your vehicle?


How much can I really save ?

It’s as simple as that. No visible modification is made to the vehicle and you can immediately feel the benefit.


So, it doesn’t matter whether you are considering re-mapping your vehicle to save thousands of pounds by dramatically improving the fuel efficiency or if you want to make your vehicle more powerful and responsive…


Black Code Re-mapping can simply and quickly optimize the settings to make this a reality.


So if you want to unlock the true potential of your vehicle, call now on 01442 862651 or 07771 922822


First of all it may be a good idea to make clear that we don’t have any kind of problem with skepticism towards our factual statements that detail the enormous difference we can make to the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.


In this world, it’s smart to be skeptical and when you see claims that on the surface may seem optimistic at best, skepticism is a sensible initial reaction.


However, our hope is that you’re also smart enough to put your skepticism to the test because our cast iron, 100% money back guarantee is particularly aimed at you.


We know that “ECU ReMapping” probably sounds unbelievably complicated and whilst it is an extremely advanced technology, the principal is actually incredibly simple.




All vehicle’s manufactured since 1999 are controlled by an onboard computer, which is known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls a multitude of different engine functions such as ignition timing, fueling and boost pressure.


Within this computer a file stores the manufacturers settings that have been fixed to allow for build tolerances into their engines and to comply with emission targets, cope with sub-standard fuels found in some countries, operate in areas with extreme environments and allow for some owners irregular service standards and intervals.


How is re-mapping done?


The process is actually as simple as 1, 2, 3…


Our mobile technician comes to your location at a convenient time and downloads a copy of the unique existing file on your car’s ECU.


This file is then immediately uploaded to the Black Code Head Office where a personalised upgrade is developed for your individual vehicle.


Within the hour, the re-mapped file is sent back to the Technician and uploaded back onto your vehicles ECU.


Your peace of mind is top of our agenda...

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Call: 01442 862651 or 07771 922822

We work in and around the following areas, Bovingdon, Tring, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Hatfield, Dunstable, Kings Langley, Watford, Berkhamsted, Barnet, Rickmansworth, Pitstone, Chesham, Milton Keynes, Luton, Harpenden, Chipperfield, Apsley Garston, Chorleywood, Borehamwood, London Colney, and Leighton Buzzard. If your area is not listed please call us to see if we cover your town. All text Copyright of black-code.co.uk


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Your decision about whether to Re-Map your vehicle is not an assessment about whether you can afford this proven fuel saving technology… because it’s 100% guaranteed to effectively cost you nothing.


It’s actually a decision about how long you want to continue to waste money unnecessarily on sky high fuel prices before you take some action.


Of course you can choose to continue needlessly wasting your hard earned money… it’s your right to make that decision, no matter how illogical it may be.


Yes, you can elect to do nothing whatsoever about the financial battering you have taken from every stealth tax our government has forced on us in the last decade.


And without doubt you can opt to just ignore the impact of the 30% increase to fuel costs over the last 6 months.


But doesn’t it just make plain simple, good financial sense to embrace a risk free opportunity to dramatically reduce the money you currently spend on fuel by up to 15%.

So, How Does It Work ?


The key to understanding how Economy Tuning works is to appreciate that your car’s manufacturer has confined your car to run at less than its optimum efficiency and power.


And the first question most people ask is “why the heck would they do that ?”


Unfortunately for you, all manufacturers choose to limit the power and efficiency to the lowest common denominator of the markets they sell in. This includes making allowances for things such as poor fuel quality, meeting local emission targets and even allowing for extreme operating environments.


So your car has literally been built to under perform both for power and for fuel efficiency.


Black Code Re-mapping simply upgrade your car, in line with parameters specific to this country.


You’ll immediately see a massive improvement in both the feel and drive-ability of your car along with significant gains in fuel consumption.


Your engine will feel more flexible, with a sharper throttle response and smoother, more progressive, power delivery.


And we haven’t even discussed the incredible satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that the steps you have taken have lowered your emissions, reduced your carbon footprint and helped to save the environment in equal measure.


So, why choose to have the manufacturer restrict your driving experience and pay more for fuel with less power… when you can trust Europe’s leading economy tuning company to provide a tailor made upgrade and bespoke service that delivers the results you want.

Mechanical break down warranty


Black Code Re-mapping’s proprietary Mechanical Breakdown Warranty is industry unique. Specifically design to give you total peace of mind, we are able to upgrade the software on your new vehicle without the concern manufacturers warranty. Not only that but if you vehicle doesn’t have we will give your vehicle 12 months warranty.


To our knowledge there is no other provider who can even come close to the Black Code Re-mapping’s service offering.


14 day guarantee


At Black Code Ltd we want you the Customer to feel comfortable with your purchase and we want to express that in a positive way by giving a 14-day money back guarantee.


In the event that you are dissatisfied with the installation of our product in your vehicle, then please notify us in writing within 14 days from the date of purchase and we will arrange to remove the product at no charge provided you deliver the vehicle back to the Qualified Technician who fitted the product within that same 14 days.


The purchase price will be promptly refunded to you.

A small administration charge may be applied in certain circumstances.

This does not affect your statutory rights.


Is your vehicle in warranty?


Not a problem with Black Code Re-mapping. Your peace of mind is top of our agenda.


As a measure of our commitment to strengthening the Black Code Re-mapping service offering a customer warranty is completed on all software upgrades to ensure total peace of mind.


Our competitive advantage is providing fully custom written maps that are specifically designed for each vehicle, allowing for the ultimate software upgrade that is safe, reliable and efficient. Above all our vision is to surpass our clients expectations using in-house software development and a dedicated team.


When selecting Black Code Vehicle Re-mapping you instantly become part of the family, and you and your vehicle will receive our knowledge, tuning expertise and our high standard of customer service delivered throughout our national network of trained Technicians.


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